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Public and Business Training Programs

All classes can be customer/site specific


Business owners have a legal and ethical responsibility for the safety and

well-being of all employees. Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Are your

employees safe? Does your business have an Emergency Response Plan?

Can your employees care for themselves while awaiting police, fire or EMS

to arrive? Realistic Training Solutions offers several public and business courses

(listed below) that can be tailored to your business’s needs.















Early Bleeding Control
Early bleeding control, like CPR and AED use, is very effective in combating preventable death only if done quickly.  The longer you wait to provide these simple life-saving skills the less effective they become. Click for more detailed description.  


CAAMP (Civilian Active Assailant Medical Preparedness)
CAAMP training will identify the actions you should take during an active threat event to increase your chances of survival. Click for more detailed description.


Threat Recognition
Establish a foundation to recognize a potential or actual violent threat.


Threat Reaction
Develop a set of skills for participants to react to a violent threat as it occurs in order to save lives.


Security Force Training
Provides business’s security force with training to become a Security Officer. Persons are trained in statutory requirements & authority, duties & responsibilities, practices & procedures etc. Click for more detailed description.


Basic Firearms Training

Trains Security Officers in safe handling of firearms, nomenclature, safe operation & safety procedures, etc.  This allows the trainee who may gain control of a firearm or come across a firearm (finds one or one is turned over to him/her) to render it safe.


Interfacing with LE, Fire and EMS

Teach the critical factors to consider when interacting with Emergency response personnel, before, during and after a violent event.

Early Hemorrhage Control
Threat Recognition
Threat Reaction
Security Force Training
Basic Firearms Training
Interfacing with ...
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