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Civilian Active Assailant Medical Preparedness


Active shooter/assailant events are the worst case scenario of an active threat.  Active threat events include but are not limited to acts of terror or violence, natural disasters, and everyday accidents that challenge those who are affected. 

The ultimate goal of Public Safety providers during active threat events is to

reduce preventable deaths by deploying lifesaving treatment to wounded victims

as soon as possible.  However, this can be delayed for numerous reasons, which

means bystanders must step up and provide lifesaving care before the arrival of

emergency providers. 


CAAMP training will identify the actions you should take during an active threat

event to increase your chances of survival. 


The 5L’s of surviving an active threat are simple actions that will help you stay

focused on your survival.









These strategies will help you escape the threat and provide the lifesaving treatment you or your coworkers will need if they are wounded.  Waiting for law enforcement or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to arrive may cost you your life.


Realistic Training Solutions can teach your employees the basic knowledge of how to respond to a threat, control hemorrhage, manage an airway, and a few simple tools so they are better prepared life during an active threat event or in everyday life.

  • Leave the area

  • Look before your move

  • Lock yourself in a safe place

  • Lifesaving treatments

  • Last resort, attack the threat

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