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Bleeding Control


In an effort to combat preventable loss of life during violent attacks, natural disasters, and accidents, the White House has launched the “Stop the Bleed” campaign to provide bystanders with the tools to stop life threating bleeding.










The chain of survival does not start with law enforcement, Fire or EMS agencies. It starts with the victims and bystanders themselves.  During a violent event, blood loss is the major cause of preventable death.


Severe bleeding can lead to death in five minutes or less. A victim can bleed to death much faster than trained public safety personnel can arrive. The person standing or sitting next to that individual may be the ONLY one who can make the difference between life and death. With the average response time for law enforcement, Fire and EMS range from 4-6 minutes and much longer in rural areas, uncontrolled bleeding can and will be fatal if not controlled quickly and effectively.  


Early bleeding control, like CPR and AED use, is very effective in combating

preventable death only if done quickly.  The longer you wait to provide these simple

life-saving skills the less effective they become.  The addition of a hemorrhage control

kit to your CPR station is an easy and effective way to assure that the tools you need

to stop life threatening bleeding will be within reach when the time arises.


Business owners have a legal and ethical responsibility for the safety and well-being

of all employees. Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Are your employees safe?

Does your business have an Emergency Response Plan? Can your employees care for

themselves while awaiting police, fire or EMS to arrive?


An Emergency Response Plan along with bleeding control, CPR and AED training

will provide the best basic training you need to address just about every emergency you or your business could face.


Realistic Training Solutions is here to assist you with your training needs. CONTACT US now so can we provide the training you need to help save lives during the unthinkable. We can take your from bystander to life saver.


Bleeding control with tourniquet
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