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Realistic Training Solutions is dedicated to reducing preventable deaths.





Under today’s threat of violence directed at soft targets and facilities of high occupancy, the necessities of a comprehensive response to save lives is more evident and essential.

The traditional concepts of public safety intervention must be aligned with the general public to create a chain of survival starts even before the event occurs. 

A new synergism must be effected to recognize, approach, assess, and mitigate active threat events in a manner that will be coordinated and assure the integrity of the “team” approach including victims and bystanders.

Our realistic , hands on, training programs are designed for the general public as well as public safety providers to prepare for the critical first 10 minutes of an active threat event.

Our Team


Realistic Training Solutions was created by seasoned and experienced members of law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and emergency trauma care to specifically address the need for unified training and to identify and correct the common deficiencies in past events that prevented the rapid and effective response to save innocent lives. With over 100 years of combined emergency response, tactical training, medical, fire and rescue experience, the team at Realistic Training Solutions consists of knowledgeable experts that can help you and your team with your training needs.



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Michael R. Rehfeld

William "Bill" Ullrich

Daniel "Zeke" Mathena

Dr. David A. Vitberg, MD


Timothy Zub, MBA

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