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A Comprehensive Training Program That Will Fit Your Needs


Under today’s threat of violence directed at soft targets and facilities of high occupancy, the necessities of comprehensive response to save lives is more evident and essential.

The traditional concepts of law enforcement intervention must be aligned to those of their fire and EMS co-responders. A new synergism must be effected to approach, assess, and mitigate active threat incidents in a manner that will be coordinated and assure the integrity of the “team” approach while maintaining responder safety.

Additionally, the general public must have training in threat recognition and reaction, emergent medical care knowledge and skills, and the understanding that they will need to be prepared to act in the critical first 10 minutes of an active threat event.

Realistic Training Solutions has developed a series programs that essentially and fundamentally change the current practices and procedures to maximize the resources available to save lives quickly. In accordance with the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) guidelines, these programs will provide the conduit to a coordinated rapid response between the general public, tactical assets and emergency prehospital care providers that will save lives during and after the attack. Utilizing well experience instructional staff, a clearly unique program to improve the survivability of violent events with mass casualties has emerged.



The active threat chain of survival starts well before the event to include training and planning of business and the public.  This includes training and planning in early threat recognition and reaction, lifesaving treatments and interventions and public safety interface.  When an event does happen, early 911 access and immediate care from by standers is paramount to reducing preventable deaths before public safety providers arrive.

The active/high threat chain of survival continues with public safety arrival and includes rapid threat elimination, rapid deployment of medical care, rapid evacuation, and transport to definitive medical care. 

The success active threat chain of survival in reducing preventable deaths ultimately begins business and the public and not with public safety providers.  Everyone must know what to do in the first critical first 10 minutes of an active threat event to reduce preventable deaths. 


Realistic Training Solutions training programs build on the links of this chain so that all aspects are connected and each link builds on the natural progression of the event and saves lives.


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