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TECC Training

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) is a set of best practice treatment guidelines

for trauma care in the high threat, prehospital environment. These guidelines are

built upon critical medical lessons learned by US and allied military forces over the

past 15+ years of conflict. They are appropriately modified to address the specific

needs of civilian populations and civilian EMS practice. Recent active shooter and

mass terroristic violent events have solidified the recognition that a sizeable capability

gap exists in terms of prehospital trauma care. Improved prehospital trauma care is

integral to the successful management of mass casualty events.


The Realistic Training Solutions TECC training course prepares Law Enforcement, Fire and

Emergency units for prehospital trauma care including priority recognition, situation evaluation,

treatment zones, tactical care practices and more. In addition, for Advanced Life Support (ALS) audiences or advance medical operators, the training program will conduct a more in depth discussion of advanced monitoring techniques, review of transfusion protocols, ventilator and advanced airway management and more.


For more information about Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, please visit the Committee for TECC website here.

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