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Training Customized for All Branches of Emergency Service


Realistic Training Solutions was created by seasoned and experienced

members of law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and

emergency trauma care to specifically address the need for unified training

and to identify and correct the common deficiencies in past events that

prevented the rapid and effective response to save innocent lives. We

recognize that each emergency service unit has different needs and plays

a different role during a mass casualty event, and that is why our

Unified Tactical Response at Critical Events (UTRaCE) training program

is customzied based on your specific needs.


The Unified Tactical Response at Critical Events (UTRaCE) program specifically

addresses the need for unified training of law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel

to work cohesively during high threat incidents.  UTRaCE identifies incident priorities

and addresses how Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel should work together

to safely and effectively achieve the goal of saving lives.  This training is to assure a safe

and effective resolution and to reduce preventable deaths.


In addition to the RTS UTRaCE custom program, emergency agencies will also be trained in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). The Realistic Training Solutions TECC training course prepares Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency units for prehospital trauma care including priority recognition, situation evaluation, treatment zones, tactical care practices and more. In addition, for ALS audiences or advance medical operators, the training program will conduct a more in depth discussion of advanced monitoring techniques, review of transfusion protocols, ventilator and advanced airway management and more.


Didactic classroom training is followed by practical evolutions where personnel put into action what was just learned under the supervision of experienced seasoned law enforcement, fire, EMS and trauma care instructors.


To learn more about our training programs and how they can be customized to your branch of emergency service, click the links below:










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