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Consulting Services


In today’s world we all have to come to terms with the fact that critical events and/or work place violence can take place at any time and in any place. This means that law enforcement and emergency rescue agencies need to train together so that they can establish cutting edge procedures.

To fill the time lapse between the moment of injury and first responders arriving, the bystanders at the scene can provide life saving measures in that critical time frame. Backed by a new campaign from the White House, called “Stop the Bleed”, which you can read more on here, our medical team can train your employees on these techniques. Our consulting services are customer specific and include, but not limited to the following:







Private businesses, many companies offer CPR, AED, and first aid training to their employees.  In today's world, to be at the front of the curve and provide employees with the tools they need to potentially save lives, typical CPR and first aid training is simply insufficient.  Progressive companies which hold their employees best interests at heart, particularly entities with the potential for work place violence and moderate to high risk exposures, must plan and prepare a response to workplace violence.


To remain cutting edge and be fully prepared to mitigate any sort of work place event that could result in serious injuries to employees, organizations must arm their employees with simple, life-saving skills that are proven to save lives that is backed by The White House campaign, "Stop the Bleed".

RTS realizes that no one likes to think it will ever happen 'here'.  But it does happen here, there, and sometimes in our own back yards.  While it’s unpleasant to face some of these harsh realities in the world around us, it is far better to confront reality and be prepared and confident to face these profoundly stressful situations.  RTS can provide your company with proper planning and training to equip your employees with the tools that save lives if one of these unimaginable events takes place in your back yard.



Law enforcement and emergency service agencies will immensely benefit from training together and operating under a unified command during critical events. In your district this may not be politically or financially possible, but there are basic life saving techniques that all levels of employees can perfect. There may also be operational changes that can be made to increase the efficiency of the agency.


With the subject experts at Realistic Training Solutions (RTS), we can provide agency and location specific consulting services to enhance agency operations and equip all employees with basic, but critical lifesaving tools.


  • Develop customized training programs

  • Facilitate agency/department interoperability

  • Facilitate ERP development

  • Suspicious package policies

  • Agency/911/LE/Fire/EMS unified operations

  • Establish Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

  • Evaluate current plans

  • Exercise/test current policies and procedures

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